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"Public auctions stimulate competition and drive market prices"

We believe that the most efficient and accurate method of attaining current market value for your residual assets is through open market auction. Collective sales have a broad appeal and as with any free market, auctions have all the right ingredients to stimulate competition and therefore enhance market driven prices. Our auctioneers have accrued a wealth of experience and maintain a high degree of professional conduct and fare trading. This ensures maximum realisations are made for you, our client.

On site Auctions

It can sometimes be more cost effective for clients to execute an on-site auction from your premises. This is a popular method of disposal if the volume assets is significantly high. The auction takes a similar shape and scope to any other auction sale. This is a cost-saving exercise.


As an auction company we don't just sell your assets. We always look at adding value to our services and make life easier for you. Our services include:

  • Pre-inspection of your assets
  • Pre-sales valuation to help you with your realisation forecast.
  • Underwritten minimum guaranteed value.
  • Pre-sale preparation.
  • An offer to purchase your equipment outright.
  • A standard commission fee based upon the total value of equipment to be sold.
  • Assistance with any logistical exercise.
  • Undertaking of any special advertising.
  • Negotiable and flexible terms of engagement.
  • An experienced account director to assist you through the entire sales process.
  • For more information on how our auctions can work for you please contact us.

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